Objective To prepare a 1,200–1,500 word comparison-and-contrast essay based on e

Objective To prepare a 1,200–1,500 word comparison-and-contrast essay based on elements from the Comparison and Contrast Prewriting assignment. The topic is to compare two literary characters, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins from the works of JRR Tolkein. I attached the completed pre-writing assignment, which you can use for an outline Note: You may not change your topic from the prewriting. You may not submit this essay until you’ve received your grade and instructor feedback on your prewriting exam. While you’re waiting for your prewriting review, you should do the following: ( I have attached the complete pre-writing assignment) Review the reading assignment about Comparison and Contrast and the provided example. Prepare a rough publish of your Comparison and Contrast essay so that you’re ready to revise when you receive feedback on your prewriting. For this essay, you’ll do the following: Use prewriting, publishing, revising, and editing to write a formal, college-level essay Distinguish among different patterns of development. Apply an appropriate pattern of development to a specific purpose and audience Write effective thesis statements Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions Apply the conventions of standard written American English to produce correct, well-written essays Along the right-hand side of your evaluated exam, you should see marginal or “bubble” comments from your instructor. You should also see a series of highlighted numbers in the evaluation chart identifying the rating you earned on each trait. If you don’t see this feedback, click on the “View” tab and “Print Layout” or click on “Review” and the option “Final Showing Markup.” If you still can’t see the feedback, contact the school for the complete evaluation. Topic The development of your topic will depend on the topic you’ve chosen and the points you determined during the prewriting assignment. Tip for Success: Be sure to check out the resources available to you in the Learning Resource Center for videos and worksheets to help you complete this assignment. Writing Your Essay Your prewriting will require major reorganization and revision, including the following: An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that addresses the purpose of the essay Remember that your thesis statement must be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. Three to five body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences and clearly relate to and support the thesis statement as well as combine elements from the narrative and process prewriting paragraphs A conclusion that reinforces the thesis statement and the purpose of the essay Essays must be typed and double-spaced using a standard 12-point font and left justification. Use 1-inch margins at the top and bottom and 1.25-inch margins for the left and right sides of the document. Each page must have a properly formatted header containing your name, student number, exam number, page number, mailing address, and email address. Save your essay as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file regardless of the word processing program you use. Evaluation Rubric Your instructor will evaluate your work for your comparison-and-contrast essay based on the following rubric. Comparison and Contrast Essay Advanced— Score of 100% The essay effectively addresses the purpose of the assignment and the requirements of the prompt. The essay provides a clear thesis statement that effectively introduces the topic, states a claim, and previews the main points of the essay. The essay provides specific, relevant evidence to illustrate ideas and support the thesis in ways that are fresh, insightful, and engaging and uses comparison and contrast to convey ideas. The essay includes 2–3 categories for comparison and contrast to effectively support the thesis statement. The essay effectively includes an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that engages the reader, uses topic sentences to clearly define paragraphs, uses evidence that supports the thesis statement and topic sentences, and includes a conclusion that reinforces the thesis. The essay effectively addresses the audience through an appropriate tone and point of view and if outside sources were used, includes correct MLA formatting. The essay is mostly free of errors in sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and word choice while meeting the length requirement (1,200–1,500 words) and formatting requirements using the correct header, font, and margins.

Business and Management

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to show the results of your analysis.

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to show the results of your analysis. Use both onscreen text and speaker notes to convey your information effectively. For example, you can use brief bulleted lists summarizing the highlights of your analysis on the slide and include more detailed explanations where needed in your speaker notes.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Overview (slide 1): Provide a brief overview of the company’s products, services, and customer base.
Existing Entities (slides 2–3): Identify at least two existing partnerships, mergers, or acquisitions. Explain how these entities contribute to the company’s revenue or market share.
Five-Year Goals (slides 4-5): Speculate on what the company wants to achieve in the next five years by considering its mission statement, its values and goals, and relevant sections of its sustainability report.


Requirements: If you are writing the report, it should be 3-4 pages long, not in

If you are writing the report, it should be 3-4 pages long, not including the required title and reference pages.
I have already basically written my report. Everything that is underlined is what I have written. I just need help putting this in actual report format and editing what I have written where any improvements can be made.


For this conversation, you are being asked to share your opinions as a consumer.

For this conversation, you are being asked to share your opinions as a consumer. Share your personal experiences on a recent purchase with an online seller or retail store. What factors did you consider when deciding on your purchase? Was the price the most important factor? The quality? How did the promotion influence your decision?
Simulated Business Scenario:
The marketing process is intended to create value for the consumer. For example, customer satisfaction is dependent upon the product’s perceived performance relative to a buyer’s expectations. If the product performs as or better than the customer expected, they are likely satisfied and willing to purchase the product or service again. If the product does not meet customer expectations, the customers will likely not be satisfied and may write a poor review on the company and/or the product.
For this discussion, think of an example of a product or service offering that has either met or exceeded your expectations by creating value for you OR did not meet your expectations or create value for you. Write a review of that product/service. Give it a 1-5 star rating (1 being awful and 5 being awesome) and explain why you rated it the way you did.
Keep in mind, you are being asked to share your personal opinions and purchasing experiences!

Business and Management

Overview The United Nations has continued to retain you as a consultant for a pr

The United Nations has continued to retain you as a consultant for a project that deals with climate and the environment. Most developed countries see the dangers of releasing too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and are committed to climate policies that attain a carbon-free future in the next 30 years. They already see the damaging effects that this gas alone is having on the living conditions of crops, wildlife, and humans. As a result, many member states are dissatisfied with the progress of the eight Millennium Development Goals for international development that they established in 2000. The member states see a substantial disconnect between several issues that developed and developing countries believe are priorities. For example, Burundi wants one of the goals to focus on food security, while Austria is adamant that a major global issue should be the negotiation of ceasefires in countries in the midst of civil wars. The UN wants you to work from the list below and prioritize two of the global community’s threats that it deems the most serious to environmental stability.
Step 1.
Select two threats. Listed below are eight issues that the UN feels pose the most significant threats to global security. Some of these apply to the Earth’s 7.7 billion people, while others are limited primarily to developing countries. Regardless of where these threats are concentrated, your job as a consultant is to identify two of them that you consider the most critical to the globe’s population.
Issue Options
1.) The use of fossil fuels as an energy source.
2.) Globalization.
3.) Insufficient educational opportunities in developing countries.
4.) A lack of access to technology.
5.) Civil war (NOT the U.S. Civil War).
6.) The rise in oceans’ levels.
Covid-19 and the global pandemic.
7.) The dangers of poor countries remaining poor.
Step 2.
Write a minimum of an 8 page persuasive paper about your two threats.
Write an introduction paragraph of at least one-half page in length identifying the two threats you have selected and the purpose of the paper. Then, for the two threats you chose:
1.) Identify the factors that make it such a serious risk to the global environment that you would choose to present it to the UN.
2.) Analyze the role that humans have played in aggravating this threat to the Earth’s environment.
3.) Suggest initiatives that the global community can take to mitigate the worst effects of this environmental threat.
4.) Write a conclusion paragraph of at least one-half page in length that summarizes your impressions of these risks for global stability.
1.) This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). For assistance and information, please refer to the SWS link in the left-hand menu of your course and check with your professor for any additional instructions.
2.) In order to earn full credit, the answers to each of the three questions must be at least two full pages long, making six pages. You must also include the one-half page introduction and one-half page conclusion at the beginning and end of the paper, adding up to one page of content. Finally, you must include a graph or table (see 5, below) that will be at least one page in length. The entire paper will be a minimum of eight pages long.
3.) You must use at least seven credible sources (excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries and encyclopedias) that are appropriate for the subjects under discussion.
4.) You must use only double-spacing and not place extra spacing between paragraphs or section headings.
5.) As part of your answer to any one of the questions, you must include a graph, table or chart using quantifiable data that supports your argument. You need only one graph for the entire assignment, and although you may download this item from the Internet, it may be no longer than one page in length. You must comprehensively explain beneath the graph what the data means. Otherwise, it will be of no use to the reader.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows:
-Propose suggestions for mitigation initiatives that address the threats to the stability of the global environment.


This is for a online highschool course. Instructions: movie or play you watched

This is for a online highschool course.
Instructions: movie or play you watched in Lesson 3.02. The examples in this lesson are intended to serve as inspirations and even models, but are by no means a template for how yours should be structured. Rather, compose your review the way you feel is best! However, it should include the elements of a complete review discussed in this lesson. Your review should:
Be multiple paragraphs, the number depending on how you combine topics.
Be written in correct grammar, with proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, and complete sentences.
Cover all of the critical elements discussed in this lesson.
Discuss strengths and weaknesses. Even if you loved your selection, think about at least one element that could be improved in some way.
A brief, spoiler-free explanation of the premise – The purpose here is simply to tell your reader what the production is about, not to be confused with a play-by-play of what happens, which would violate the no-spoiler rule. This can typically be done in a sentence or two, and should identify the main conflict we can expect to see the main characters experiencing for the bulk of the story.
Identification of the director and lead actors and actresses – This is important to many audiences. They want to know who’s behind the production’s creation as well as who they can expect to see starring in it. Depending on how much needs to be said about this, it can often be combined in a paragraph with the premise. Also useful to identify at this time is the genre, and perhaps, if worth noting, the writer(s) and production studio. These aren’t always as essential, however.
Identification of the production’s inspiration or source material – This is where the review informs readers if the production is based on something, be it a book, a historical event, etc. This can be combined with the previous section, though if quite a bit needs to be said about it, it could serve as its own section.
Explanation of how it fits in or compares to other productions of its type or genre – This isn’t necessarily telling whether it’s better or worse than other productions, though it certainly can. More, though, this is to give readers a point of reference. Think of it as an “If you liked _______, you’ll love this.”
What the production does well – Depending on the content of the review, this and the next section could be presented in either order, or even blended together at the same time. The key here is to balance specifics with maintaining a spoiler-free review. Identify what the performers’ strengths and weaknesses were in portraying their characters, discuss whether any new or interesting technology or techniques were implemented in its production, and certainly remark about the quality and impact of things like lighting, costumes, and camera work. It’s even okay to reference certain events or plot points in order to discuss these things, so long as it’s limited to details that don’t ruin twists, turns, and resolutions for people who haven’t seen it yet. That means providing more than just “It’s great” or “It’s awesome,” but providing actual specific support for why these aspects were well-executed.
What the production doesn’t do so well – This is really what people are looking for. This will tell them whether they want to see your selection or not. It will also tell those who already want to see it whether they’re likely to be disappointed. The key here is not simply to tear the film or play apart with scathing and unsupported criticisms. Just as we don’t simply want to say a movie is great without being specific, we don’t want to say that it was awful without the same kind of support.
Overall summary of thoughts and impressions – This serves as a conclusion that sums up the reviewer’s overall bottom-line conclusion about the production. While few productions are exclusively terrible or exclusively perfect, the conclusion should ultimately place it in a light of whether they recommend it or not. This can also make clarifications about what groups of people are more inclined to like or dislike the production. For instance, it may point out how children may be amused by it while parents could find it tedious.


For this assignment you will create TWO Outlines: a sentence outline and then yo

For this assignment you will create TWO Outlines: a sentence outline and then you will expand the sentences into paragraphs to create a Paragraph outline, which is similar to a preliminary publish of the essay. It includes key paragraphs that will help build the final essay due in Week 3.
Review the grading rubric here:
Week Two Outline Rubric.pdf Week Two Outline Rubric.pdf – Alternative Formats
Review the Week 2 Writing Example Outlines here:
Week 2-2 Writing Assgnmt Outlines Example.docx Week 2-2 Writing Assgnmt Outlines Example.docx – Alternative Formats
Sentence Outline
Thesis sentence (main idea)
Summary sentence
Introduction of author’s evidence (quote)
Introduction of author’s writing strategy (quote)
Your Response to the Author and Position on the Topic
Introduction of why you agree or disagree
Introduce a source from library that supports your view
Describe the author’s audience and a possible opposing view
Conclusion (summarize main points of essay and your response)
Paragraph Outline
This section requires 8 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 5-8 sentences.
Introduction and end with the thesis sentence (main idea) from above — intro is separate paragraph and is NOT the thesis, which should be the last sentence of paragraph — Highlight or underline your thesis so that it is clearly identified
A full summary of the article
Analyze what evidence the author makes his or her point. Use a quote.
Analyze what rhetorical mode or strategy—description, compare and contrast, definition, cause and effect—uses and how this supports his or her message.
Your Response to the Author and Position on the Topic
Present your viewpoint and evidence that supports it.
Introduce a source from the library that supports your view. Respond to it.
Describe the author’s audience and one possible opposing point. Counterargue that point.
Conclude the essay and why others should adopt your view.
Criteria for Success:
Revise your introduction from your Week 2 Discussion. Do not submit the same discussion post. Make substantive changes based on feedback from your instructor and peers.
Revise your thesis from the previous week’s work.
Craft the two sections for the outline assignment. The paragraph sections will become the major sections of your paper. They should not be thought of as the only body paragraphs you will need; you will be revising for the final paper.
A good outline should also indicate alternate points of view, such as other solutions, other causes, or other effects. Dedicate some time to considering counterarguments.
In your conclusion, indicate why your argument matters to your readers.


you might not be able to edit it and add the answers but can you show me how do

you might not be able to edit it and add the answers but can you show me how do break it down and found the answers, you can do it and attach the answer and just pdf it to me.


Short Paper # 4: Analyzing a Social Media Profile Students must each find a pers

Short Paper # 4: Analyzing a Social Media Profile
Students must each find a person’s or company’s LinkedIn or Facebook profile. If a student requests, Coopersmith will provide a profile (see the end of this syllabus).
Students must each write an essay describing whether the profile is professional and how it would be viewed by possible employers. Explain whether the profile is missing information.
Students must then rewrite the main part of the profile to make it sound more professional.

American History

Write a two page paper summarizing the multitude of racial attitudes you see exp

Write a two page paper summarizing the multitude of racial attitudes you see expressed while watching the movie “Glory”.
This civil war movie is based on the true story of the first all- black regiment to fight for the north in the war. You will hear and observe unspoken racial prejudices from northern whites and free northern blacks as well as southern whites and recently freed or escaped former southern black slaves.
Write your paper using a word processing program, save it as an MS Word or RTF file (name it without using spaces or special characters). Your summary should be two pages long, typed and double- spaced. Just a reminder unless you are quoting directly from the movie, (quotes should be signified by quotation marks and limited in such a short paper), use of any form of the “n” word or even the term “colored” when referring to blacks is considered extremely offensive and unacceptable.
At the end of the paper please include one paragraph as to why you think the movie is called “Glory”. It will be due by the end of the 2nd week of the semester and is considered an ungraded assignment but failure to complete satisfactorily will result in a loss of points for the class.