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Prompt and link to the textbook provided. If any information needed just mail me at


The essay should have five sources from at least three different forms of media.

The essay should have five sources from at least three different forms of media. 10 pages.
The Process of Writing
Introduction (1 page)
Background/Context (2 pages)
The Range of Viewpoints (2 pages)
Main Body of Evidence (4 pages)
Conclusion (1 page)

Political science

For example, how might you advise the organization to utilize some, but not all, available gotv methods.

Overview Each student is responsible for writing one research design paper OR one memorandum to a political campaign/organization. The purpose is: Research Design: expand the field’s knowledge regarding campaigns and elections or Campaign Memo: advise a candidate/organization on how best to run their campaign, given what academics know about campaigns Instructions Each student is responsible for writing one paper, approximately 12-18 pages in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font). Research Design: think of this as a journal or conference quality research paper, without doing the actual research. Your paper must pose a unique and appropriate political science research question that is properly motivated, use the literature of the field to develop theoretical expectations about a relationship, and pose a suggested course of collecting and analyzing data that would allow a researcher to evaluate the question. In your conclusion you can speculate about findings, but you do not need to perform the research. Campaign Memo: think of your role as a campaign or political organization advisor or campaign manager. Given the research in the field, how would you advise your candidate to campaign or how would you advise the political organization to GOTV, given what we know from academia? For example, how might you advise the organization to utilize some, but not all, available GOTV methods. Alternatively, you may craft a media campaign for your candidate, given what academics know about the impact of campaign advertisements. Your memo will incorporate findings from political science, but must be written for the layperson to understand. Ultimately, you are distilling political science research in a digestible, actionable way for a candidate or organization to make use of to further their electoral goals. Part 3: you will hand in your completed project (100% of overall paper; 60% of grade, i.e., 240 points) (due Oct 7).


The rubric is to show you where the points are coming from.

In one discussion post find an example of a set of genes that have been horizontally gene transfered between bacteria or archaea. Which organisms are the genes transfered between? Explain the set of genes that were transfered. Include what they are for and what the advantage to sharing those genes are.
Please don’t fill out this rubric and submit it.
The rubric is to show you where the points are coming from.
What do the organisms use the genes for?
What might be the advantage be to share the genes with other organisms?
Which organisms the transfer happened between
Binomial names of organims are used and properly written
This does require a little research to find some examples, but there are plenty of examples out there in the scientific literature.
It’s always best to start with a review paper like this one:
From there you can look at the citations for the exact genes involved.


Explain why your evaluative methods are appropriate for chosen pediatric population.

The student will demonstrate the ability to:
1.1 Assess the learning needs of the pediatric client.
1.2 Develop a teaching module which identifies the target population, learning objectives, content, methods of instruction, and evaluative methods.
1.3 Present the teaching module to a minimum of one pediatric client, preferably a group of pediatric clients.
1.4 Evaluate the results of the presentation.
A major role of the professional nurse is teaching–to individuals, families, groups, and organizations. The nurse needs to have knowledge of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation in relation to the teaching/learning process to enhance the care given to clients. She/he can then provide appropriate health education within these parameters.
Project Requirements:
Part 1: Part 1 is the preparation of your project where you accumulate the research and information needed for your chosen teaching topic for a pediatric client and their parents. Please check the due date for part 1 as it will be due before the part 2 presentation so you may receive appropriate feedback and make necessary changes. (See the sign-up sheet in Moodle to choose your teaching topic). The due date for part 1 is on your syllabus and is non-negotiable.
50% Total
5% 1. Select a topic to be taught from the list of approved topics and identify the pediatric client who would benefit from this teaching. Discuss the relevance and importance of this topic for today’s pediatric population. References required.
15% 2. Present the rationale for your choice of topic and teaching method by assessing the learning needs of the target population. Discuss all of the following: developmental, cognitive, educational, cultural, and economic parameters. If applicable to your teaching topic, discuss a pathophysiological parameter. Based on the learning needs of your chosen population, identify teaching methodologies (e.g., lecture, demonstration, etc.) you plan to use and that are congruent with the topic to be taught. Explain how your chosen teaching methodologies relate to the target population’s developmental, cognitive, and/or educational status. References Required.
7.5% 3. Develop client/patient-centered behavioral objectives (minimum of three) including criteria for measurement (precise date or amount). Write as goals – e.g.: The children will identify one way germs are spread.
10% 4. Identify and write out an expanded outline (in proper APA format) of the proposed content to be taught in the pediatric video. You may include this as an appendix at the end of your paper. Cite references as appropriate.
5% 5. Develop and state the evaluative methods (e.g. return-demonstration, teach-back, question-and-answer session) you will use to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching project. Explain why your evaluative methods are appropriate for chosen pediatric population.
7.5% 6. APA 7th edition format is to be used, along with appropriate headings. Spelling and punctuation count. A minimum of two
peer-reviewed references are required. One reference must be from a current nursing journal (within the last 5 years) and the other may be from a current nursing journal or from another professional medical/ healthcare source (e.g. your textbook). The citation for your nursing journal must be accurate so the journal can be accessed for grading purposes. If your citation is incorrect or your nursing journal is inaccessible, you will lose credit for that part of your format.


Write a post for the discussion forum on this topic, addressing the questions below.

Write a post for the Discussion Forum on this topic, addressing the questions below. You may use either a written paragraph or bullet-point format. Part 1 should be 2–3 paragraphs in length or an equivalent amount of content in bullet-point form. Responses to your classmates’ posts should be 1–2 paragraphs or several bullet points in length.
Part 1: Product Strategy
Briefly describe your product or service. Where is it in the product development life cycle? What recommendations do you have for improving the offering to fit your target market’s needs? Be sure to consider the following:
What level of quality and consistency does the offering have?
How many features does it have and can they be removed or added?
Does the design and/or service deliver what the customer values? If not, how can it improve?
What improvements would help your offering compete more effectively?
Part 2: Respond to Classmates’ Posts
After you have created your own post by Wednesday, look over the discussion forum posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of them.
Part 3: Incorporate Feedback
Review the feedback you receive from your classmates and your instructor. Use this feedback to revise and improve your work before submitting it as part of the “Complete Marketing Plan” assignment.

American History

How did the war of 1812 begin, what was its trajectory, how did it conclude?

Video YouTube:
The War of 1812
Discuss the key elements and attributes of the Early National Period from the Jefferson Revolution of 1800 through the War of 1812 and into emerging Nationalism and Monroe Doctrine of the 1820s, and the countless changes it brought forth in American life and culture.
Key questions: Why is the election of Thomas Jefferson in 1800 considered a “Revolution,” and what changes did Jefferson bring about in the federal government? What was the background and results of the Louisiana Purchase, and how did it change America? What was the increasing difficulty with Britain, what was the reaction of Jefferson and Madison, and how did the situation influence the relationship with Native Americans? How did the War of 1812 begin, what was its trajectory, how did it conclude? What was the “American System” and the “Era of Good Feelings?” What was settled in the Missouri Compromise of 1820? What was the Monroe Doctrine, and how did it change foriegn policy?
I uploaded the power point and I will upload the reading material from Chapter 10-11 (Kennedy).


Please read this again.

– see the prospectus PDF for the problem statement (covid lockdown in shanghai) – blog style, single-spaced with lots of good white spaces & source links, image with caption etc – 1500 words minimum. PLEASE READ THIS AGAIN. 1500 words but I have it as 3 page single space. DO NOT SUBMIT BID FOR DOUBLE SPACE WORD COUNT. – analyze primary cause and secondary cause – make claims about short term effects and longterm effects

Cultural Studies

2) describe one intercultural encounter from your life that involved intercultural praxis.

Paper 1
This paper should be at least 5 double-spaced pages long (not including references).
In Chapter 1 of your textbook, we covered the concept of intercultural praxis. In this paper:
1) Please explain, in your own words, how you understand this concept. Address all the 6 entry points. Do you think this concept is a sufficient guide for intercultural communication in our interconnected world? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Can you improve upon it? (2 pages)
2) Describe one intercultural encounter from your life that involved intercultural praxis. Explain clearly what entry points of intercultural praxis played out in this encounter. How did you grow as an intercultural communicator from this experience? (1.5 pages)
3) Explain the concept of positionality. Reflect on your own positionality and cultural identity. Based on this reflection, describe what social justice issues are important to you personally in this world, and briefly explain why. How are you positioned to make a difference regarding this issue? Remember, you don’t have to do something major to make a difference. You can make a difference in little ways through what you do and say everyday. (1.5 pages).
General instructions
 Double-space your paper. Margins should be no wider than 1 inch.
 Don’t make your paragraphs too long and make smooth idea and thought transitions between
paragraphs. Pay attention to organization.
 Check spellings, grammar, and punctuation (points will be deducted for careless writing)
 Use 12-point font – Times Roman
 Divide your paper into three parts – provide subheadings.
 Cite sources within the paper and include a reference page. Use a known style to cite sources
(MLA, APA, Chicago). Make sure you don’t mix styles. Be consistent.
This paper is due on October 7. Paper copies please.

Business and Management

Also add some recommendations at the end.

In this assignment I need to write the report the inclusive which is ACCENTURE company. evaluate their performance and policies about inclusion and diversity. It also need to be applied with the theory framework about diversity.
Also add some recommendations at the end.
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